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The Main Points of Buying a Five Axis Machining Center


The main points of buying a five axis machining center

1. Machine stiffness of five-axis machining center

Since the rigidity of the five-axis machining center machine tool will directly affect the production efficiency and the machining accuracy of the machine tool, the processing speed of the five-axis machining center is much higher than that of the ordinary processing machine tool, and the motor power is also higher than that of the ordinary machine tool of the same specification. The stiffness is also much higher than that of ordinary processing machine tools. Buyers can also design and produce according to the value provided by the buyer according to the production process requirements, torque, power, axial force and feed force when placing an order. To provide buyers with high-rigidity machine tools with five-axis machining centers is often not limited to the size of the parts, and the relative part sizes are all parts that are suitable for the machine specifications, and the selected parts are strictly required.

2. Machining accuracy of five-axis machining center

Machining accuracy directly affects the quality of your products. When many people deny the accuracy of your machine tool, it will directly affect the buyer's decision. The position accuracy indicated on the sample or pass certificate is the accuracy of the machine tool itself, and the schedule deviation is the sum of the deviations that occur in the entire process system.

3. Five-axis machining center CNC system

The numerical control system is the core brain of the five-axis machining center operation, and the numerical control functions are divided into basic functions and selection functions. The basic functions are inevitable, and the selected functions are only provided by the manufacturer after the user selects these functions. The function of the numerical control system should be selected according to the performance needs of the machine tool. When ordering, the required functions should be ordered without omission, and at the same time, to avoid waste due to low usage, but also to pay attention to the correlation between the functions. Among the available CNC systems, the performance level varies greatly. It should be selected according to needs, and high targets should not be pursued one-sidedly to avoid waste. When selecting multiple machine tools, use the same manufacturer's CNC system as much as possible, so that operation, programming, and maintenance are more convenient.

4. Number of coordinate axes and linkage axes

Both the number of coordinate axes and the number of linkage axes should meet the requirements of typical workpiece processing. The number of coordinate axes is also a sign of machine tool grade. Under normal circumstances, adding a standard coordinate axis to a machine tool of the same manufacturer, specification and accuracy will increase the cost by about 35%. Although increasing the number of axes can strengthen the functions of the machine tool, attention should be paid to the process requirements and the balance of funds.

5. Automatic tool changer and tool magazine capacity

The selection of the movable tool changer mainly considers the tool change time and reliability. Short tool change time can improve productivity, but the tool change time is short. Generally, the tool change device has a complex structure, high failure rate and high cost. Excessive emphasis on tool change time will greatly increase the cost and increase the failure rate. According to statistics, about 50% of the failures of the five-axis machining center are related to the automatic tool changer. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the requirements of use, the automatic tool changer with high reliability should be selected as far as possible to reduce the failure rate and the cost of the whole machine. The working quality of the automatic tool change and the capacity of the tool magazine will directly affect the performance and quality of the five-axis machining center. The capacity of the tool magazine is based on the principle of meeting the needs of tools for a complex machining part.

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