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CNC Router


CNC Router

1. The machine body of the CNC Router is made of thick-walled steel pipe structure. After finite element analysis and design, the bed provides a rigid and stable processing platform for the machine tool, and all bed parts have been stress-free before the bed is processed.

2. All positioning bearings, ball screws, linear guides, and racks of the CNC Router are supported by the centralized active smoothing system of the machine tool control system. This is the method of ball screw and linear guide.

3. The important parts of the CNC Router model, the drive system, the electric spindle, the drill row, and the vacuum pump.

4. Each CNC Router is equipped with a compatible tool magazine as standard. This tool magazine is controlled by the new-generation CNC system, which makes the engraving machine fast and reliable.

5. The vacuum suction table of the CNC Router can be processed in a single zone or at the same time, which improves the processing efficiency of the machine. It can be mass-produced and has high processing accuracy.

6. The Z axis of the CNC Router is supported by a pneumatic equalization system, which is a closed ring, whose function is to minimize the amount of air used in operation

7. The CNC Router adopts an integrated industrial computer control system to ensure high-speed and high-precision machining of the machine tool.

CNC Router