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Factors Affecting the Accuracy of CNC Router


Factors affecting the accuracy of CNC Router

1. The tool is one of the main factors affecting the processing quality of CNC Router. There are many types of CNC Router. When choosing a tool, we must choose a tool suitable for the current processing material. At the same time, we must ensure the quality of the tool. Affects the service life of the props, and the accuracy of the processed products is not enough because of the insufficient sharpness.

2. Whether the cutting fluid is used or not will also affect the engraving quality of the CNC Router. The cutting fluid mainly plays the role of lubricating the tool and the machined parts, but also has good cooling performance. The application of the cutting fluid can greatly improve the processing efficiency, and reduce the friction and resistance during processing, making the processing surface more efficient. For delicate.

3. The rigidity of the process system, the rigidity of fixtures, machine tools, workpieces and cutting tools. It also determines the accuracy of the CNC Router. Insufficient tool rigidity will affect the overall processing effect. The selection of the tool should be determined according to the material to be processed.

4. System settings. Now the engraving machines we use are generally CNC Router controlled by a computer numerical control system. Check whether the parameter settings are correct, whether there is any problem with the route setting, and whether the speed setting is appropriate. These will affect the engraving machine. The precision of the engraving quality.

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