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Factors Affecting the Quality of Edge Banding Machine


Factors affecting the quality of the EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander.

1. The quality of hot melt adhesive

To ensure that the hot melt adhesive has good adhesion under low pressure, it can be bonded immediately and firmly bonded under a short time of pressure to ensure that it is bonded in a short time.

In the process of edge sealing, it is also necessary to ensure that the temperature of the hot melt adhesive is within the normal temperature range. Too low temperature will result in poor fluidity of the hot melt adhesive. Too high temperature will cause the glue to be too thin, thereby reducing the viscosity of the glue.

2. Quality of edge banding

The quality of the edge banding will also affect the edge banding effect. Good quality edge banding tape, the finished edge banding layer is tightly glued together, and poor quality edge banding layer, the finished edge banding layer has a big gap. The edge-sealing layer cannot be completely glued to the panel, and the edge-sealing effect is not good.

3. Edge band material

Edge bands rich in grease are easier to seal, because oily substances will reduce the affinity between the board and the hot melt adhesive and reduce the viscosity of the hot melt adhesive. The edge banding is easy to fall off in a long time.

4. Water content of solid wood edge banding.

For manufacturers who use solid wood edge banding materials, the water content of the edge banding should not be too high, especially in humid places in the south, and the edge banding should be stored in a cool and dry room.

5. Ambient temperature

When working in edge banding, make sure that the ambient temperature is not too low. If the temperature is too low, it will easily lead to insufficient flexibility of the edge banding.

Especially the thick edge banding tape, the temperature is too low, the affinity to the glue is reduced, and the storage time is long, which reduces the adhesive strength of the edge banding to the glue. Generally speaking, the temperature should be above 15 degrees. The edge banding machine is working. Also ensure the normal operation of the preheating device.

6. Equipment

First, the quality of the total equipment must be passed. In addition, because the equipment has been used for a long time, there will inevitably be some minor problems. Therefore, each time the edge is sealed, a piece of board is used for testing.
Check whether the glue roller and the belt feeder are well matched. If they are not matched properly, it may cause uneven glue application or lack of glue, whether the trimming function is normal, whether the trimming knife is worn, etc.

7. Feeding speed

It should be noted that in order to improve production efficiency and blindly pursue high speed, we need to adjust according to the strength of the edge banding. If the speed is too fast and the edge banding strength is too low, it is easy to cause the edge banding effect to decrease.

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