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Repair and Maintenance of EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander


Repair and maintenance of EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander

The edge banding machine itself is made of metal materials, and its working object is also metal. Therefore, the working principle of the automatic edge banding machine is to use the friction between metals to achieve the purpose of liquidation optimization. Therefore, after a long time of work Later, wear and tear is an unavoidable problem for the EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander In order to prolong the service life of the edge banding machine and improve the working efficiency of the edge banding machine, it is necessary to maintain and repair it.

1. Maintenance of edge banding machine

(1) According to the working status and appearance of the edge banding machine, some simple maintenance work can be carried out. For example, if the edge banding machine has the problem of unstable edge trimming due to loose screws, you only need to find the benchmark, tighten the screws, and adjust the tools. These simple problems can be repaired by themselves, which can save time and avoid production losses caused by downtime.

(2) The trimming datum plane of the EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander does not find the board surface. If the trimming object cannot be attached to the running board, it will be difficult to trim a suitable line. The solution is as follows: send a long plate with a flat end surface into the edge banding machine. When the plate travels to the position that can cover the material for polishing, scraping, finishing, and rough repairing, stop the conveyor belt and take the plate. Place the horizontal and vertical reference pieces mentioned above on the plate with the surface as the datum, bring the cutting edge of the tool close to the edge of the plate, and wait for fine-tuning later to achieve the desired effect.

(3) There is a problem in the pressing part, which leads to abnormal operation of the trimming and polishing equipment. Solution: Press the plate tightly to ensure that the front and rear tightness is consistent, then lean the reference ruler and profiling wheel of the trimming tool on the plate, and then adjust the tool until the desired effect appears.

EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander