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The Structure of The EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander


The structure of the EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander

The edge banding machine includes gluing edge banding, front and back alignment, fine trimming, edge scraping, and polishing. In addition, pre-milling, tracking and grooving can be added as needed.

The glue-coating edge-sealing device uniformly paints and glues the edge-sealing board and glue through a special structure to ensure stronger adhesion.

The head-to-head device moves through precise linear guide rails, adopts the structure of automatic profiling and high-frequency high-speed motor rapid cutting to ensure that the cut surface is flat and smooth.

The finisher is used to repair and process the excess sealing material on the upper and lower parts of the edge band of the board, and use the automatic tracking of the mold and the high-frequency high-speed motor to ensure the smoothness of the board.

The scraping device can eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of the non-linear motion of the trimming, and make the upper and lower parts of the sapwood more smooth and tidy.

The polishing device is a sheet cleaned and processed with a cotton polishing wheel. Polishing makes the edge banding surface smoother.

Pre-milling: Use double milling cutters to re-modify the ripple marks, burrs or non-vertical phenomena caused by the panel saw and the cutting saw after processing, in order to achieve a better edge banding effect. Make the edge band and the board closer together, and have a better overall and beautiful appearance.

Slotting: It is used to directly open the side panels, bottom plates, etc. of the closet, which is more convenient and quicker to reduce the process of panel sawing; it can also be used for slotting of aluminum cladding of door panels.

EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander