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EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge Bander Operation Process


EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander operation process

1. Organize the machine and work place, and check whether the dust collection system is normal.

2. Check whether the glue in the glue pot is clean enough. If it is insufficient, add glue according to the amount.

3. Adjust the position of the auxiliary support rod according to the length and width of the workpiece.

4. According to the thickness of the workpiece, adjust the distance between the upper pressure beam and the pressure wheel to ensure that the workpiece is stable and will not damage the surface of the workpiece due to being too tight.

5. Adjust the size of the glue door to make the edge banding material even and fully painted.

6. Connect the air pipe to keep the air pressure stable at 6 standard air pressures, and check whether the air pressure at each part is normal and the ventilation is smooth.

7. Check whether the power cord wiring is normal, pass the test machine, the steering is correct, and check whether the edge banding machine is operating normally.

8. Install the seal and adjust the width of the seal to adjust the width of the seal so that the seal can pass smoothly and cannot be compressed. At the same time, put the workpiece on the belt and close to the 90 guide rail baffle, and then push it evenly.

9. Each time a workpiece is processed, first check the finished product, and adjust the trimming amount and arc appropriately.

EF7 Series Intelligent Processing Edge bander