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How the Smart Factory works


Smart Factory rely on machines to work and interpret data, both to integrate customers and business partners, and to manufacture and assemble custom products. However, people are still at the heart of manufacturing, mainly controlling, programming and maintaining. The goal of a Smart Factory is not to have no people, but to make people's work more valuable. The machines in Smart Factory do not replace people, but help people do their jobs better. Smart Factory depends on the maintenance of the Internet, the use of factory management system, can help enterprises to build intelligent management platform, improve enterprise production efficiency, improve production capacity, avoid mistakes, enlarge management force, through the fast and intelligent way of working to help enterprises to achieve the standardization of the process, intelligent.
Smart Factory is on the basis of digital factory, using the Internet technology and monitoring technology to strengthen information management services, improve the controllability of production process, reduce manual intervention of production line, and reasonable planning and scheduling. At the same time, set the initial intelligent means and intelligent system and other emerging technologies in one, to build efficient, energy-saving, green, environmental protection, comfortable humanized factory.
Smart Factory has its own ability to collect, analyze, judge and plan. The whole visual technology is used for inference and prediction, and the simulation and multimedia technology are used to amplify the reality to show the design and manufacturing process. Each component of the system can form the best system structure by itself, which has the characteristics of coordination, recombination and expansion. The system has the ability of self-learning and self-maintenance. Therefore, the intelligent factory realizes the coordination and cooperation between human and machine, and its essence is human-machine interaction.