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Batch Size 1 Manufacturing Systems
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Batch Size 1 Manufacturing Systems

Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems strive to make your production smarter,faster and more cost-efficient with minimum human labor required.

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Product Description

Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems

1.Product Introduction

Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems is a automated solution for panel furniture manufacture, help you to Grow business with technology, automation and informatization.


The Customer project of Excitech CNC Smart Factory has accomplished that from raw material storage to automatic labeling, nesting,edgebanding, drilling,sorting,stacking and packaging lines,from raw materials to finished panel without landing production.

2.Product Feature And Application

  Multiple Successfully implemented projects across the country.

  No skilled operator required for production procedures. Labor costs and managing overheads are therefore reduced greatly, so is production error.

  Uninterrupted production with automatic machines enables furniture makers to add extra shifts with minimum extra costs and concerns.

  The efficiency is also boosted by 25% at least compared to manual operation.

  Smarter, more cost-efficient production, quicker delivery and better quality allow furniture makers to further expand production and sales, achieving higher return on capital and property.

  More individualized products for end-users.

3.Product Details

Informationized industrial screen

Realtime machine production and process monitoring

Improve planning accuracy

Facilitates lean management

Material storage

Connectthe raw material with machines seamlessly

Deliver ingredients and stack production according to the order automatically

CNC nesting cell

Multi-shift production

Not limited by artificial factors


Edgebanding Cell

Switch the color and thickness of edge band automatically

Drilling cell

The central control system distributes the panels to the processing stations

Sorting cell

Multiple subcontracting modes

High efficiency

5.Product Qualification

Production Facility

Picture taken at customer's factory

In-house machining facility

Quality control and testing

Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems in Our Partners’ Factories



Award for International Registration of Trademark
Jinan Innovative Enterprise......


China Famous Brand
Shandong Famous Trademark
Jinan Famous Brand...


National Top 10 Well-Known CNC Manufacturer
Certificate for National Hi-Tech Enterprise...


UL、CE、EAC、CSA 、ISO Certificate and So on...

6.Deliver,Shipping And Serving


The Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems is packed with anti-rust plastic film for cleaning and damp proofing.

Fasten Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems on the plywood pallet for safety and against clashing.



Qingdao Port / Tianjin Port / Shanghai / As appointed



  From your first inquiries about our machine to close the deal to installation to technical support and maintenance, our team will be always with you.

  Excitech provides 24hr factory support with a team of highly experienced engineers that serve customers and partners around the world , around the clock.

  No matter whether the machine is used in North America or Africa, we can run diagnostics via dial-in on any of our computer-equipped machines for troubleshooting and correct controller settings to have you running again in a minute.


1. How many Batch Size 1 manufacturing systems in customers’ factory?

Answer:Multiple projects successfully implemented.


2. How did the batch size 1 manufacturing developed? 

Milestones——Maintain the lead by continuous efforts to grow and innovate

3. How to choose a nesting machine and a panel saw?

Answer:The nesting machine can cut special shapes and is used in the custom furniture industry. And the panel saw can make booking cut and is used for mass production.


4. How is your after-sales service?

Answer:Excitech provides 24hr factory support with a team of highly experienced engineers that serve customers and partners around the wold , around the clock.


5. Can you design machines according to our size requirements ?

Customized size is available upon request.

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