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EF6 Series High Speed Edge bander with Double V-belt Top Pressure


Double V-belt, Top Pressure, Pneumatic Controlled Edge Bander Series,Sturdy steel frame.
Heavy duty pressure beam,Aluminum panel conveyor support with rollers.Precise and independent transmission by turbine vortex rod
Industrial PC controlled,Steady data transmission.Double V-belt Top Pressure Beam.

Different Glue Application Systems Available
Dual Top Pre-melter
PUR Optional
Top and Bottom Pre-melter
Double Bottom Glue Reservoirs

Pre Milling
Six pressure rollers
Double Rail End Trimming
Rough Trimming + Dual Pneumatic Controlled Fine Trimming Optional
Four Motor High Speed Corner Trimming Unit
Perfect corner rounding
Flat Trimming with blowers
Pneumatic Controlled Buffering Unit
Bottom Grooving Optional
Top Grooving Optional
Side Grooving Optional

Left and right hand edgebander production cell
Edgebander cell with return conveyor