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How Do Panel Furniture Enterprises Implement Batch Size Manufacturing and Build Smart Factory?


In the furniture equipment exhibition heldin Hannover,Germany recently, you can see more intelligent equipment, it can beseen that intelligent manufacture and information production have become global trend gradually. EXCITECH also joined the event with the total solution of smart factory, showing intelligent and informatization changes of Chinese manufacturing for the world woodworking industry.

Excitech customized furniture industry 4.0 smart factory is a set of whole factory intelligent manufacturing solutions. According to the area, processing technology and production capacity of the customer's factory,we can carry out reasonable industrial 4.0 plant planning and information upgrading of the whole factory, to realize "non-landing panel"production.

With many successful implementations and lots of practical experience, EXCITECH has and will continue to provide customers with intelligent solutions that meet market needs.

The significance of Excitech Smart factory is not limited to reducing the number of workers and enhancing the corporate image, enterprises can operate multiple shifts of production every day, to increase the return on investment.