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The 2021 CIFF (Guangzhou) concluded,EXCITECH helps you to grow your business with technology


As the first large-scalefurniture exhibition of the whole industry chain in China in 2021, the CIFF(Guangzhou) concluded successfully on March 31.

Excitech empowered the whole-housecustomized intelligent manufacturing industry in this event, providing total solution from store design, production simulation,to raw material storage,nesting,edge banding,drilling,sorting,stacking,packaging,finished product warehouse.

Grow your business with technology, automation and informatization.

The wave of furniture customization continues, and people’s individual requirements need more flexible production plans tomeet;the development of unitary device is not enough to meet the status quo,andthe integrated production plan owns more advantages.

Intelligence and informatization are the inevitable trends in the development of woodworking industry. We strive to make yourproduction smarter, faster and more cost-efficient with minimum human labor required.